Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fall Favourites Tag!❤

Back with another tag!

It's now Autumn (Fall for all you Americans) and I thought what better time to celebrate the fact that its nearly Christmas than a Fall Favorites Tag!! Lets get started!

1. Fav Fall Candle...

Okay. I have been using this candle for the last few days and it smells amazing. It gets me excited for Christmas around the corner and I just love it.
Its "Lavender Spa" from Tesco so it's definitely a bargain buy. Not sure how much it was as it was a gift but I will put a link to it here.

Lavender Spa - Tescos
2. Fav Lip Colour
I love a good red lip. It isn't part of my everyday makeup routine but this year will definitely be an exception. Its Rimmel No.01 Red Nose Red... which makes it sound Christmasy (which also gets me excited).
Rimmel No.01 Red Rose Red
3. Favorite Drink
As its coming into colder months, I absolutely love Hot Chocolates with mini marshmallows and whipped cream. Its definitely a "winter warmer"!
Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and whipped cream
4. Favorite Blush
I use the same one all year round so its not really a fall favourite. Its by Collection 2000 and Im not sure what the shade is but its a simple shade that can be built up to your preference.

5. Favorite clothing item

This is definitely my favourite. Its so fluffy and warm... oh I just love it.
Its originally from New Look but I got it from British Heart Foundation 2 years ago when I volunteered there. It was only £8.99 with my staff discount and I just wear it all the time. Its white so it goes with anything.

6. Favorite Fall Movie
Its not exactly a 'fall' movie but its close enough. Elf is my favourite film. I absolutely love it. I watch it every year and it just gets me in the mood.
7. Favourite Fall TV Show
I am so sad that this isn't on anymore. Waterloo Road used to be my go-to programme to watch in the fall. I still watch repeats and its still my favourite thing to watch.
8. Favourite Halloween Costume
I don't really dress up for Halloween so I cant really answer it but when I was little I would get dressed up as a witch nearly every year with a bin bag thrown over me and a witches hat. Those were the days!!
I hope you liked this tag post. Ill be doing the Whats in my room tag too. So look out for that on Saturday on my other blog which you can find by clicking here.
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