Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Fashion Tag!❤

Hello my lovely morning sugar plumbs, I'm back with another blog post and yep, you guessed it... It's Tuesday so it has to be another tag post!!!

This one is definitely my favourite to date; its all about Fashion.

I got this tag from the lovely Molly from her blog 'I Will Be Down In A Minute'. Molly is definitely a great blogger and she definitely knows what she's talking about. Check her out here and let her know that I sent you. ❤

❤ The Fashion Tag ❤

I love to shop at...
New Look
F&F Tesco
George ASDA

Store you like to visit but don't buy from...
I do have a browse in River Island but I don't buy from there. Mainly because of the price of their items.

Last accessory you've brought...
I actually can't remember the last accessory I brought. It must have been some time ago now. I remember buying curvy grips (bobby pins for all you Americans) but that's just needed really as they get lost very easily.

Do you own something you've never worn...
Yes. Of course I do. Its a dress that was given to me by my old housemate who used to live next door to me. I'm going to give it away to British Heart Foundation to sell on.

I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly or just like to be comfortable...
I'm a mixture of all of them. Some days I dress to impress... others I just throw them on and rarely will I just be 'comfortable' unless I'm home all day like today (currently snuggled up in bed listening to the rain outside).

If I could, I would wear dresses every day...
I would definitely want to wear dresses everyday but with the unpredictable weather we have here in the UK I find it hard to keep warm in just a dress and some boots.

My closet is mostly full of...
Black... It's what I wear most of the time. From time to time I will add a bit of colour but its mostly black, as long as Monochrome is still in trend when I reach 50... then I should be good to go LOL.

Most comfortable item of clothing I own is...
Exactly the same item as Molly put. My onesie is honestly the most comfiest, warmest item in my closet.

What hat would you never wear?
Again. I'm gonna agree with Molly on this one and say the hats that the Royal Guards wear... but if I had to pick my own choice... it would definitely be baseball caps. They just don't suit me at all.

What is your style?
My style is a mixture between casual and smart. Smart casual is definitely what I do best. I'm very smart on the top then casual on the bottom. I love Peter Pan collars, black jeans are a MUST in anyone's wardrobe and I don't think you can go wrong with black and white with a spot of colour.

Favourite T-Shirt...
I don't really have a favourite t-shirt. If I had to pick one. It'll be my Take That Concert T-Shirt when I went to see them perform live in 2009 at the Ricoh Arena.

Favourite dress...
My favourite dress by far is the one I brought for the Christmas do with my work colleagues. I absolutely love it. Its from work... (I used to work for British Heart Foundation as a volunteer) and it was very inexpensive and the money I spent went to a great cause!
Its my go-to dress when I need to dress up. I love it!!

Favourite sweater...
I don't have a favourite. I guess its all about onesies for me.

Favourite shoes...
My heels are by far my favourite. They are from Primark and I love them. I wore them for work and I wear them to every occasion unless the weather is miserable or its slippery outside.

Favourite bag...
My favourite bag is definitely the one I brought in Select. Its a bowler bag and I love it. Its full of rubbish at the moment but when its organised (which is rare, very rare) its very handy.

Favourite earrings...
When my ears were pierced... I used to wear either studs or my big pink loops. I hated the loops as my hair would get stuck in them and it wasn't very pleasant.

Okay. That's all for todays post. I am typing this on the day I was meant to be posting it... but lets just say my mental state hasn't been the best lately.

I'll see you on Saturday for another blog post right here, until then... BYE!!❤

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