Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hello my beauties...
Today I have another #TuesdayTag which is going to be another theme for my blog especially here on my fashion

1. Have you ever bought something because it was fashionable? If so, what?
Not really. I don't buy things just because its fashionable, but when my cousin throws out the clothes she doesn't wear anymore or doesn't fit her anymore... I always look through and see what is still in fashion and keep them.
2. Does the fashion industry exist mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not need?
Every business is about profit so I agree with this. All they want is money in their tills and wages in their bank... that's it.
3. Do you think fashion models should be used to sell products such as cars?
 Again, its all about profit and its about how the models are promoting the cars. So yes and no depending on how they are selling them.
4. So fashion models refuse to advertise products involving animal cruelty such as cosmetics and fur coats. Would you buy such products?
No. I mean my coat is fur but faux fur which doesn't involve cruelty to animals. If it involves animal cruelty... of course I won't buy it because the profit will be used to carry on the tests on animals and I would never ever participate in that.
5. Would you like to be a fashion model if you were offered the opportunity?
Yeah definitely. I feel like there is always a gap in the market and if I could fit in the gap then I definitely will... it will depend on what I'll be modelling and how the agency work with me... but yeah I would.
6. Which countries have the best and the worst fashions in clothes?
My blog is not somewhere where I judge anyone else's fashion choices. If they want to wear whatever they like... then they can.
Hope you enjoyed reading through. It will be great if you could do the same in the comments by answering these questions. Please put your blog URL down in the comments too so I can follow you on Bloglovin'


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