Saturday, 9 May 2015

5 easy tips for a flawless party look... when you've ran out of foundation!

You're getting ready for a party and you finish your skincare routine, now it's time for foundation, but oh no. You've ran out of it.
This is exactly the situation I'm in right now.
No need to panic, just follow these simple steps to get that flawless party look.

Step 1; Unscrew the lid of the foundation and use what is left, it may be a little bit or not so much. What ever is left is definitely a life saver, at least you've got some coverage. 

Step 2; Use the foundation that is left very carefully, you don't want to waste it. Don't worry if you haven't got enough coverage, the next step is concealer - a holy grail of mine.

Step 3; Dot on the concealer where you need it most. This will cover up most imperfections. All you need is a dot, that's literally it because this is something else you don't want to waste. 

Step 4; Powder. Powder will act as extra coverage, put it on the areas where you haven't been able to put foundation or concealer, and at this moment in time, I have lots of areas where I haven't got either of them. 

Step 5; Carry on as normal with your makeup routine. If you have a lot of redness showing, try and enhance it with a little bit of blusher and finish off with bronzer. 

Now you're ready to party!! 

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