Sunday, 24 May 2015

Skincare & Makeup Routine!❤

Getting up in the morning may be one of the worst things to do ever! In my opinion anyway.
Your bed is always the most comfiest just when you need to leave it behind to do whatever you need to do during the day. But I just love the thought of getting ready, whether it's 6am in the morning or just before a night out, it's so much fun!!

I've put together a short makeup routine that only takes 5 minutes!! The rest of the two hours of getting ready does consist of choosing what to wear... and if a pair of shoes doesn't go with the outfit, I change the whole outfit. 

Anyway, here is my 5 minute quick makeup routine that will help you to get ready in the morning, even if you're running late.. which is definitely me. 

Step One; I always have a shower before doing my makeup... I honestly don't know why I NEED to... even if I already had a shower that morning... plus there's no harm in showering twice is there?
This is to use the hot water from the shower to rinse off all of the dirt and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. I suppose I could just splash my face with warm water, but oh well. 

Step Two; Then I pat my face dry with a damp towel... this will need to be cold for two reasons - 1. It will hopefully wake me up a bit more and 2. It will cool my skin down ready for the next step. 

Step Three; This step is a must! I then start on my skincare routine, which isn't really a routine as such. It's just putting on moisturiser which is the Daily Moisturiser from Tesco which was £1. I don't normally use primer as I just don't see the point of it, but if I want that flawless glow I use Rimmel London Primer 

Step Four; I then start on my makeup. First I use Rimmel London Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation and I use the shade 010 Light Porcelain. It's only £6.99 from Tesco's and it's what I've been using since I first wore makeup. I did use the True Ivory shade but I looked a bit like an Oompa Loompa with an orange face, didn't really get the natural look back then. (Every time I blog, I always go on about anything and everything, got to stop doing that!) I then use my fingers to work this into my skin and it works better than when I use a foundation brush.

I then move onto powder. I use the matching powder to my foundation (Rimmel London Match Perfection Powder in Translucent which I have had for ages and I'm running out. 

Then I move onto bronzer and I use the MUA Bronzer in Shade 1. This was only £1 so you really can't go wrong. 
I then move onto blusher and I use Collection blusher in Shade 2; Bashful. I've had this for ages as well and I haven't hit pan on it yet. I use a BD Powder Brush for all of the powder products (that's obvious!) but I got that from Tesco's too as a set and it was on sale... so what a little bargain hunter I am!

I then move onto brows. Now I hate filing in my brows but if I don't I always look like I have no brows as they are too blonde to see.
So I will fill them in as best as I can, sometimes they are on point and most times they are just black caterpillars chilling up there. 
To fill in my brows, I use Seventeen Brow's That! brow kit and again I have had this for ages, and if Boots discontinue this product before I run out of it, I wouldn't know what else to get. So please tweet me cheap alternatives to this product please, I might need a replacement.  Twitter account is down below... tah!

I don't wear eyeshadow anymore, I used to but now I just can't be bothered... so moving onto lips and mascara.

I sometimes just use a lip balm or I do sometimes wear lipstick, it just depends on who I'm seeing and what I'm doing that day. 
If I'm using a lip balm, I would use a Cherry Chapstick from PoundWorld and that would mean it was a £1. Yup, that might just be the case ;)
If I'm using lipstick, then my go to lipstick is MUA Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Siren... this was also a £1. Cheap and cheeful!

Then I move onto mascara... and I use P.S Love Mascara from Primark and this was also a £1. 

Then that's my makeup complete. Then I will be spending the next two hours picking my outfit depending on what i'm doing, who i'm seeing or where i'm going.

Here is a picture of half of my makeup done on one side and what I look like in the morning when I have literally JUST woken up; Enjoy!

The left side would be the side of just pure tiredness and the right side is the more presentable of the two. The lighting wasn't very good in my room, so I used the natural daylight in my kitchen. Just to explain why I'm in my kitchen... didn't have to... but yeah. 

Now for all of the products I use on a daily basis;

Tesco's Daily Moisturiser - 
Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation (Shade 010 Light Porcelain) --
Rimmel London Match Perfection Pressed Powder - Translucent -
MUA Bronzer (Shade 1) -
Collection Blusher - 
Seventeen Brow's That Brow Kit -
Cherry Chapstick - Poundworld in England
MUA Matte Lipstick (Scarlet Siren)
P.S Love Mascara - Primark Stores

Where to find me;
Facebook; Miss Catherine Ward
Twitter; @cjoanward_
My email contact;
My other blog;

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