Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bucket List!❤

Be a full-time fashion blogger // I'm one of those career focused people who just want to be successful. Do what you love, that way it won't be a job. 

Buy a house // This must be on everyone's bucket list. I would love to just have my own space and just be happy. 

Help the poor // Either by doing a sponsored run or walk, or just giving money away to charities, I would love to do something good. 

Buy a car // I'm currently learning how to drive. I've got my theory test this month and this will be a high obstacle to get over. I would love to just be able to drive anywhere in the country and get away. Grab a few friends and just go on a road trip.

Get married in DisneyLand Florida // I know, a bit extravagant but that's what you get with me. Bigger is better. 

Buy my Grandad his old house // My Grandad comes from Donegal and his old house is still standing. So I would love to be able to take him over and just hand over a key to the front door. This will be the perfect present. 

Have children // As a childcare practitioner, I love children. I have two nieces and one nephew who I see constantly, I am the embarrassing Auntie.  To be able to have mini-mes running around would be a dream come true. 

Win the lottery // Again, something else that would be on everyone's bucket list. I don't think I'll be ticking off this one soon. The first thing I'd do with it would be to give Special Care Baby Unit in Kettering £10,000 for every week I spent there. So £50,000 would go to them and it'll be money well spent. 


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