Saturday, 20 June 2015

1 Pair of Sandals - 2 ways

Hey Beauties, 

I am so unorganised this week which will be explained in Sunday's main blog post as I reflect on my week. As a result of this, this one is scheduled. Enjoy!

Do you know when you do a thorough clean of your room (which for me is very rare), you find lots of things hidden in the back of your wardrobe. 
I used to constantly get blisters from these sandals but I still love them. They are from New Look and I got them from my cousin more than two years ago. 

Here's what I would wear them with. 

A pair of sandals, a short sleeved blouse and some denim shorts. You really can't go wrong. 

I love a short cut in getting dressed. The go-to dress I am constantly wearing is this one from Primark. It's so soft and it's been my wardrobe staple for over a year. I just love it. When it's a little chilly I throw on a light woolly cardigan and I'm good to go.

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