Saturday, 6 June 2015

Latest Obsessions/Monthly Favorites; May

Hey guys., 

This will be a list of what I've been obsessed with over the last month or so...

1. First and foremost is definitely Mattessons Fridge Raiders either in the yellow packet or the blue packet. They are incredible. My Mum brought me them instead of Morrison's Chicken Skewers as there wasn't any left. We loved them that much, we went back and bought a further two packets... EACH!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!❤ 

2. The fragrance 'Just Pink' from next. 
This is my go-to fragrance. It's such a lovely smell and lasts pretty much all day. Although I still keep it in my bag to freshen up throughout the day. (What's In My Bag post will be up on Wednesday (10th) at the normal time of 12pm GMT)

3. Driving lessons. This may be breaking the rules a little bit with this post. But I absolutely love it. This will also be in my monthly favourites until I die. I'm being taught by Kevin from Round 'N' About Driving School in Corby. He's also my Step-Dad. We have a laugh and our relationship has gotten stronger since he started teaching me. We have a great time. 

4. Popcorn Chicken from KFC. Need I say more?!

5. Bit of a strange one... but I absolutely love running errands. The other week was packed full of errands I needed to get done and it was amazing. I also do this on driving lessons. Mcd's Drive Thru on the A14 is the one stop I make constantly.

5. Watching vlogs. My top YouTubers are;
Pointless Blog
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
Brogan Tate
I absolutely love watching what people do in their day.

Hope you enjoyed the short list of things I'm currently loving at the moment.
Comment below with your favorites and I'll try them out. 

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