Thursday, 4 June 2015

Throwback Thursday!❤

I had no idea about what to do for another blog post but I decided this will be perfect. 

I went away as a present for my 18th Birthday. I was treated to a week in Crete, Greece and it was amazing. The scenery was just perfect. I don't know what it is, but the breakfast or the food in general was just incredible, I always love going to the buffet and bringing a plate of food back. It's just delicious!!

Here are a few photos from the trip back in 2012;

Going on the plane was by far the best bit. I do have a slight fear of flying but I absolutely love it. It gets me all excited.

I was hysterical and fidgety at the airport just before boarding the plane. I literally couldn't sit or stand still. I was probably more excited than the little ones that were on my flight. Such a big kid at heart.
This was taken the day after we arrived. It was 7:30am in the morning and we were the only ones at the pool.
I'd call this photo "the calm before the storm!!"

I know holidays are all about relaxing and just taking it easy. But it was such an amazing place, we used every single hour to explore and take in the amazing scenery. Yep, we even had an alarm set for 7am. I never get up at 7am but to see the sun come up over the pool was definitely worth it.
This was me doing Aqua Gym. I simply love doing this when I'm on holiday, it gets you involved and you get a little exercise mixed in. It's fun and it's beneficial. I also did Zumba Fitness for an hour in scorching hot weather (we did it in the shade, it was still roasting)

I absolutely loved doing Aqua Gym. The main reason I love it is that it adds fun to the holiday and also you can stare at the fit guy that's teaching you the dance moves with a valid reason. Hehe. Bonus!!

This is one of the photos from our first night out exploring the town. 

This photo is slightly annoying me, because quite simply my hair has gone completely frizzy. It's a complete mess but that's what I get for blow drying it and straightening it constantly. 
The night out wasn't the best. In fact I had a panic attack. 
Standing outside a strip club were a few local guys who approached my cousin and I and asked how old we were. I was 17 at the time, but I told them I was 12, which is how old I actually look, but that didn't stop them grabbing my arm and pulling me closer to them. Like, seriously. Picking up girls outside a strip club is not the way to do it!!
I had a panic attack when all this was happening. It was the worst. We even had to avoid walking down there so I didn't have another panic attack. 
Anyway moving on...

This is one of my attempts at photography. It was taken before all the drama happened. So this will also be called "calm before the storm!!" 

This is another attempt at photography. I just love taking pictures.

If you look closely you'd be able to tell that I had been crying. I literally had no makeup left on my face.
It was the worst night. The smile on my face was a forced one. I just made the best out of a bad situation. Again my hair was just a mess.

You may realise that this is the same image that is at the top of this blog post. But this was before I edited it. It's even better than the one the actual paid photographer has for the keyrings. Hehe. This was taken on the last day.

This is the hotel I was staying at. Link - 

It was a lovely hotel. The staff were nice, the entertainment was amazing (big kid alert!!) and it had a lovely atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and just having a great time.
The lifeguard wasn't too bad either. A+ for you. 👫 

It was a lovely present and I really enjoyed myself.
Thank You to my amazing family for the best holiday ever!!! 

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