Sunday, 14 June 2015

Summer TAG!!❤

Hey beauties, 

I apologise I haven't been posting this week, I have my reasons I promise which I'll explain in another post. This will be put up as soon as I've finished it.

Lets get on with the SUMMER TAG shall we?!

❤ What is your favorite lip color this Summer?
- MUA Lipstick in Scarlet Siren is definitely my favorite. Who says you can't wear a red lip all year round?! I certainly do. 

Show us your favorite Summer dress.
Not sure if anyone will remember Tammy Girl in Debenhams but I got this back in 2010 for my Dad's wedding. It's now my go-to dress for Summer. And it even still fits!! 

❤  What is your favorite Summer accessory?
- My favorite Summer accessory must be my Sunglasses. They make me look like a bug but I love them. I'm looking to get the pink sunglasses from Primark. I wear sunglasses mainly when I'm on a driving lesson if it's sunny. 

❤ What is your favorite Summer candle?
- Last Christmas one of the other colleagues at the Council brought me a little French Lavender Candle which I am burning as I type. It has such a fresh scent to it and after a day out it makes the room smell amazing. I got another candle from one of my friends yesterday which is a Yankee Candle in Lavender Spa. I love them. I will definitely invest in some more soon! 

❤ What is your favorite Summer body spray or perfume?
- My all-time favorite perfume has to be Just Pink Perfume. This has such a floral scent to it. It's just gorgeous and it's definitely my go-to scent. 

❤ What is the weather like where you live in the Summer?
If you're a UK resident or have visited the UK during the summer. It differs from day-to-day. At the moment it is quite cold and windy. 

❤ What is your favorite thing about the Summer?
- My favorite thing about Summer has to be my Birthday. It's 20th August and I will be 21 this year so a big celebration is planned. WOOP WOOP!! 

❤ What are your plans for Summer vacation?
I'm really not sure. I am partying with my friends for my birthday but I think that's about it. Spending time with my family will definitely be happening. 

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